HillHouse’s Workshop Philosophy


At The HillHouse Writer’s Retreat Series, rather than tear learners down, we seek to build them up. Our program’s definition of a ‘workshop’ is diametrically opposed to the competitive, rip-everyone’s-work-to-shreds model that, unfortunately, permeates the majority of academic writing programs. Above all, we view your decision to allow us to participate in your artistic development as sacred, a privilege.

What follows are the three main components of the HillHouse Workshop Approach:

  1. With our Create Your Own Retreat Program, your schedule is comprised of workshops and learning events you yourself help to select.
  2. While we allot time for master class, group-critique sessions (submit a piece, take those of classmates, respond, discuss), we also provide workshops that, much like an educational seminar, are meant to guide you through an expert investigation of this or that subject area, idea, movement, technique, concept, and so on.
  3. Our classroom environment is, ultimately, one of inclusion. Our facilitators demand, create, and maintain a space of mutual respect, tolerance, acceptance, and open engagement. The expression of the opinions, thoughts, sentiments, and feelings of each and every participant will not only be encouraged, but treated with utmost respect.


By coupling personalized content (workshops you select) with educational investigations, discussions, and a plethora of hands-on, constructive critical responses, the HillHouse Writer’s Retreat Retreat Series willl provide participants with an immersive, stimulating, and inspiring total-writing experience.


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