Salon’s, Impromptu Readings, And Other Social Gatherings


Crucial to our program of creative immersion is the sense of engagement and camaraderie inherent to a HillHouse Retreat. By means of a careful screening process, we create a harmonized and dynamic experience, wherein all participants share a certain (diverse, but acute) seriousness, desire to learn / get better, aesthetic expressiveness, and artistic curiosity.

What does this mean for you?

At The HillHouse Writer’s Retreat Series you will meet a cast of characters like no other. Beyond the pre-scheduled, formalized events, you will have time, and be encouraged to plan student salons, readings, impromptu social gatherings by the fire pit, on the front porch, terrace, beach, or wherever you otherwise feel inclined. At HillHouse, you will be encouraged to form bonds with your fellow HillHouse Writers that often, very often, blossom into marvelous, life-long friendships.

And to further compound the effect, consider this:salon

Hill House’s Faculty and Visiting Writers do not teach and then, like some holier-than-thou magician, vanish into the woodwork. Oh no. You can bet our HillHouse Faculty will be out making the rounds, chatting it up, treating participants like real human beings. In this manner, you will have additional time to get to know your Mentors, to gain a better understanding of their thought processes, to witness how they interact with the world outside the classroom setting, beyond the realm of the page.

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