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Toward the end of creating the deepest, most immersive creative experience possible, The HillHouse Writer’s Series seeks to evoke, facilitate, and maintain a persistent, soothing, yet electric environment of wonder and awe. The thing is, while our everyday participation in society tends to conspire toward pushing us into a state of mechanized routine, for the artist (and, for that matter, all human beings) it is fundamentally of-the-essence to cultivate and occupy a mindset of stubborn, aesthetic awareness.

The sunlight fell tremblingly through the leaves.

The jonquils mournful, dew-wet longing.

How his fingers so delicately, musingly traced the rim of the glass.


When it comes to kick-starting / sparking the creative spirit, a jolt of aesthetic delight goes a long way. At HillHouse, we believe in a tasteful admixture of cross-medium pollination, interaction, and stimulation. By encountering fellow creatives—whether it’s sharing ideas, or witnessing the control of a dancer’s movements—we broaden our artistic horizons. We experience unforeseen possibilities. To this end, The House Writer’s Series incorporates jugglers, acrobats, film-makers, painters, musicians, composers, fire dancers, drama troupes, and other performers of all persuasions.

Additionally, through scheduled readings and workshops led by Visiting Writers and Artists, your immersive experience within the realm of the muses is deepened all the more.

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