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Like all peak experiences, the best Artist Retreats are designed to guide participants to a climactic, creative pinnacle. After such an experience, projects feel doable, imminently possible. But then, for better or worse, the participant returns home. Re-immersed in the day-to-day grind, the feeling begins to fade. The sense of what it felt like to stand atop that precipice begins to muddle. Slowly, over time, it gets forgotten. And, often times, the artist is left worse off than before.


While this traditional model is well meaning, it tends to pitch the artists into a high-high, followed by an inevitable crash-and-burn low.

In answer to this problem, as long-time veterans of the Retreat Circuit, our HillHouse Writers have united under the banner of crafting a sustainable alternative:


Our take-home, designed-to-meet-your-unique-and-individual-needs system will enable you to bring the HillHouse experience home with you. Upon departing our artistic oasis, over the course of the ensuing twelve weeks, from the comfort of your home, you will further and continue the process of creative discovery you began at HillHouse. Through a series of exchanges with your Editorial Mentor, you will cultivate, explore, and deepen your relationship with your work.

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