Progress Letter

letterProgress Letters are a continuance of the discussion you began with your Mentor at the Movable Feast. The Progress Letter should include questions, epiphanies, doubts, worries, and all other correspondence concerning your creative work, readings, and artistic process. These exchanges tend to detail the ideas, elations, depressions, eureka moments, et-cetera you stumble upon in the course of completing your Study Plan.

Foremost and above all, the Progress Letter is a no-holds-barred opportunity to pick your Mentor’s brain. Explore creative obsessions. Penetrate the dark core of your textual ambition. Lament your struggles with dialogue. Praise your impending mastery of scene. Analyze that moment when the hairs on the back of your neck stood up on end. In other words, ths is your space. Anything goes.

What You Send:

  • 3 – 5 page letter. (Length requirements are flexible, and will be discussed/determined with your Mentor.) One per bundle.

What To Expect In Return:

  • Explicit and detailed feedback concerning your Creative Work.
  • Requests/ideas for revision.
  • Response to your Craft Response essays.
  • Response to and discussion of previous letter(s).

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