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What follows is a guide for how to navigate this site, and get the most out of the material. Be sure to note the Create your Own Retreat section, as we feel this is what sets the HillHouse program apart from the multitudes of other writer’s retreats and writing programs.

I have never been pampered and treated so well. Bravo HillHouse Writers! You guys have figured out the perfect formula. Equal parts support and leave you alone. I’ll be booking a stay next year!

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In this section of the site, you’ll find materials explaining, step-by-step, the elements that make up The HillHouse Writer’s Retreat Series Movable Feast. These include the pre-retreat Create Your Own Writer’s Retreat Process, the on-location Retreat Itself, and the Post-Retreat Mentorship Program.


  • Real responses and feedback from former attendees of the program.

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