Scholarships, Fellowships, and Writers In Residence Program

kerouac.scrollAs a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, HillHouse Writers Retreat Series is committed to supporting and sustaining the arts. Beyond the Movable Feast and our Community Artistic Outreach Plan and Reading Series, we offer a number of Scholarships, Fellowships, and a unique Writer In Residence Program.

In order to provide these services, we rely on your support. Please read on to discover how you can help to aid HillHouse Writers in their quest to discover new and unique voices, and supply those voices with the resources necessary to create great art.


HillHouse Writers Retreat offers a three-tiered Scholarship Program:

The Full Ride is a fully funded retreat, including a three-month mentorship. Ideal candidates are writers deep into a manuscript looking for some inspiration and guidance. (Mentorships may be extended, depended on funding and communal support.)

A Dose Of Inspiration consists of a fully funded retreat, minus the mentorship program. Ideal candidates are writers looking for a shot of creative adrenalin, for the opportunity to escape the confines of their everyday realities, get loose, and remember why it is they write.

An Open Ear gives an artist the opportunity to take a manuscript in progress, send it to a panel of our faculty members, and receive critical feedback. But this isn’t a one-time deal. After receiving the panel’s feedback, the artist has gets to correspond with a mentor in the same way a participant in the Movable Feast would. Through the course of this three month interaction, the artist will receive valuable guidance, feedback, and editorial mentorship that would otherwise be unattainable.

The Writer In Residence Program

Our Writer In Residence Program provides an unpublished or minimally published author with theharold_chapman_photo opportunity to teach workshops and give readings in a professional setting (at the retreat), as well as receive a living-expenses stipend to support his or her writing. Unlike traditional residency options, which require artists to move to some middle-of-nowhere location, uprooting themselves from the community that supports them, our Residency Program believes that, through empowering and supporting a writer’s work, they will deepen their ties to the community they live in, becoming more intertwined into the goings-on of the local artistic scene, and will thereby support and help to create a more sustainable artistic community.

Donations, Applications, and Supportdylan-kramer-sm

If you are interested in applying for our scholarships, or Writer In Residence Program, please apply here: Award Applications If you would like to learn more about supporting HillHouse Writers in our mission to discover and support new, exciting voices, or would like to recommend someone for the program, click here: Nominate.

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